Bamboo Flooring Facts That You Should Know

Bamboo flooring has been around for many years, yet it has slowly gained popularity due to the limited information available about its benefits and features. Bamboo floor is an economical way to revamp your house or commercial flooring, it gives off that natural look which is very calming and pleasing to the eyes. Bamboo flooring price is very competitive, it is relatively cheaper than any of its counterparts. You may also choose to search for suppliers that sell bamboo floor wholesale prices for an added discount and extra savings.

There are mainly two kinds of bamboo floors, one is the click and lock floor which is good for DIY homeowners as it is very easy to install and does not require any glue. The other one is the T&G bamboo floor which follows the traditional way of installing floors using a tongue and groove. In general, bamboo floors are laminated and treated to prevent moisture build ups and decay, thus, it is the preferred type of flooring where moisture is mostly present such as the kitchen, bathroom and the dining area. It costs a lot more cheaper than any other type of floor mainly because the materials itself are less expensive.