Benefits of Memory Foam Toppers

You wake up each morning with back aches and stiff joints. There’s a chance your daily discomfort may be caused by work-related stress or agitation, but, the culprit could also be the last thing many people consider: your mattress. Thanks to memory foam bed toppers, you can save the money you would have spent replacing your whole mattress, and instead, add a more affordable product that alleviates pressure, increases comfort, and gives a second lease on life to your old, hard mattress. With the American Chiropractic Association stating 31 million Americans experience lower-back pain, considering your mattress as the potential source of discomfort may help you remove yourself from that long list of individuals.

Minimize Discomfort
Memory foam uses its unique temperature-sensitivity characteristic to distribute weight in a way that’s unique to every sleeper, unlike a traditional bed where you may feel pressure against your shoulders, hips, and back. Memory foam softens at the highest-pressure areas, while supporting lower-pressure areas to reduce discomfort and help maintain proper posture and circulation. In addition to toppers, individuals can buy a King Size memory foam mattress, or even a California King, for the most spacious comfort.

Improve Back Relief
Men and women with back problems often notice improvements after just the first or second night spent atop memory foam. The material warms from body heat and then softens, contouring to your body, giving you even pressure-relief along your spine and lumbar region. Each time you lay on a topper, you’ll notice the foam contour and yield to your body’s position for fantastic support and comfort. For those with lower back pain, the change from traditional materials to the more reactive memory foam can help ease tension and reduce tossing and turning through better circulation.

Reduce Motion
Couples tend to complain that one individual moves more than the other, with the constant movement disturbing their partner. Memory foam, however, allows individuals to make a trip to the bathroom, grab a glass of water, or re-situate without bothering the person next to them. Products like a Queen Size memory foam mattress isolate movement instead of transferring energy throughout the bedding.

Improved Mattress Durability
Eventually, all mattresses lose their durability. Adding a memory foam topper helps extend the life of your bedding by taking the brunt of abuse, as the surface layer. As long as a mattress is structurally sound and supportive, a topper can give you the comfort you want. Sometimes people’s comfort preferences change over time. Adding a topper to a mattress you’re no longer in love with can prevent you from breaking the bank on a new bed, while still getting an update in comfort.

If you find yourself experiencing back pain or joint discomfort, foam toppers may be able to offer some relief in a way you hadn’t originally considered. In addition to the physical benefits, they can extend the life of your bedding, and are available in sizes and densities to fit any preference.

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