Caring for your outdoor wicker cushions

Written by Wicker Paradise

It is important to get the correct cushions for an outdoor wicker furniture set. The right cushions will add to the set both visually and comfort. The right set of cushions will still need to be maintained to avoid having to regularly purchase wicker replacement cushions. Here are some tips on how to care for your outdoor cushions:

Fortunately, most modern fabrics used for outdoor cushions are now mildew and moisture resistant. Any water will simply flow off the cushions. This, however, does not apply to heavy rain. When exposed to continuous rain, there is a chance that moisture will eventually enter the inner layers of fabric and cause rot. Due to this, during periods of heavy rain, cover the furniture or bring the cushions indoors.

Even sun exposure can be an issue. Modern cushions are fade resistant, but continuous heavy exposure to the sun can cause heat damage. The fabric or material will then lose its durability. Just like the exposure to rain, it is best to cover or store elsewhere during these times.

Lastly, keep the cushions as clean as possible. Follow a program of daily, weekly and monthly cleaning to keep the furniture and cushions in as good a condition as possible.

Even if the current set of cushions has already been badly affected, this proper level of care can be applied to the next set of Lloyd and Flanders replacement cushions.


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