Choosing the Right Hoist for the Right Job

When a contractor begins a new job, two things will cross their mind; how to complete the job on time and how to prevent accidents along with worker safety. By implementing the proper tools, such as various types of hoists, including the wire rope hoist, both of these issues can be addressed in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, sometimes safety can be put at risk with the goal of saving a buck or two. However, there are other options of devices to use which can still be cost effective while continuing to offer safety. Even using hoist accessories, with the hoist trolley being an example, there are many low cost solutions available that will fall within the established safety parameters.

One thing to take into account is if your hoist will be used to transport materials, workers, or both. If people are being transported, then a personnel hoist must always be used. However, if a contractor is seeking to transport both workers and materials, then the volume of people versus the volume of materials must be closely examined. Truth is, if you will be dealing with large quantities of both, you may want to consider using two smaller transport systems rather than a single large one. For both safety considerations and budget, it might be the better way to go.

In addition to serving both the employee and materials, consider the height and weight requirements of the job at hand. By taking this all into account, you may have the better chance of saving both lives and money in the process.

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