Common Types of Bamboo Floors inthe Market

The quality of bamboo flooring will be determined by the time the bamboo was harvested. If the bamboo is harvested too early it will produce week wood. If harvested late, the bamboo will be too brittle. Bamboo flooring durability is carefully observed, mature bamboos goes through a series of processes to produce bamboo blanks.

There are different types of bamboo floor available in the market. Each goes through the same initial process and sorted into grades to determine which type of flooring it will fall into. First, the bamboo’s green layer and shoots are removed. It is then cut into strips and purified to get rid of insects and sugars. The last process which is milling creates the finish of the floor. Natural bamboo floors are light in hue, it almost has a blonde color which is considered as the most natural tone for a wood. Carbonized bamboos are deeper in color, it has a caramel like color due to the presence of carbon while bamboo blanks are inside the steam chamber. Lastly, Stained bamboos are tinted with various kinds of color. Manufacturers can dye just about any type of color customers want in their bamboo floors.