Creative ways to protect and restore damaged outdoor cushions

5Written by Wicker Paradise

Outdoor furniture is meant to withstand the elements, however your outdoor cushions may not be able to handle harsh weather. Here are some frugal way to ensure that your furniture and cushioning last alot longer.

Sewn covers – If you are good with a sewing machine, you can easily create cushion covers for your wicker sofa and chairs. Start off by buying a fabric that is sold by the yard or in bundles of 18-22 inches. You can select a fabric that matches your furniture and style.

Spray paint – Spray painting stained wicker chair cushions is a easy way to get rid of stains. Just make sure you use a satin spray paint in the exact colour of your cushions. Before you spray your cushions, test a the spray on a small section of your cushion fabric.

Patch it up – For cushions with small tears and holes, use fabric and thread of a similar colour to patch the damaged sections. If there are many patches, add some dummy patches to create interest and personality.

4. Drape it – A quick way to cover patio cushions, is to drape a fabric over it and then tuck in the ends. This is a temporary solution, but one that will work well when unexpected guests or an event arises.
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