Door Appeal and the Importance of Clean

Little things mean a lot as prospective buyers approach real estate for sale at an open house or private showing. For instance, the entrance door and screen, if available, should be clean and intact. The door should open easily and hinges should be oiled. It’s best to replace a poorly functioning door with a new one. “New” sometimes means buying a period-appropriate door for an older home.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Sellers should never leave dishes in the sink, less than pristine bathroom fixtures, unmade beds, or less than sparkling mirrors, windows, or counter tops for the buyer’s consideration. If the seller doesn’t like to clean, or isn’t a thorough cleaner, it’s important to bring in professionals. Maid services charge by the hour or by project. When in doubt, get several estimates to make sure the home is completely clean before putting the home in the market. Then, take regular, daily steps to maintain pristine condition.

Carpets and Floors

The appearance and even smells of fresh carpets and flooring can have a thrilling effect of prospective purchasers. If the home’s existing carpets are old or permanently soiled, it’s best to install new carpets or chic bare floors before attempting to sell the home.

Fresh and New

Although most sellers don’t include home furnishings in the sale, staging the appearance of every room is important to the buyer. He or she wants to imagine living here, so old or ripped towels, threadbare quilts, or rusty kitchen appliances are likely to turn off many buyers.

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