Enjoy the Benefits of Fast Drying Foam

Do you love to spend time relaxing on your patio or deck but hate the mad scramble to bring in furniture cushions when it suddenly starts to rain? Have you had trouble finding a comfortable cushion for your boat seats that won’t rot or get waterlogged? For these situations and more, a porous, quick-drying, antimicrobial foam, often called “dryfast foam,” will handle the job admirably.

Foam that cushions patio furniture needs to be able to stand up to the elements. Conventional foam absorbs moisture like a sponge, making it nearly impossible to completely dry before bacteria starts to move in. And once that process begins, conventional cushions can quickly mold and rot, turning into disgusting forms nobody wants to be near. Fast-drying foam cushions outdoor and marine seats with a wide-celled, reticulated structure, uniquely engineered to permit the drainage of moisture and passage air. Traditional foam cells barely measure a fraction of a millimeter, while quick-drying foam is made of cells that are three, four or even five millimeters wide. That may not seem like much, but it is more than enough to allow drainage and drying.

Top quality fast-drying foam features antimicrobial compounds in its structure so if anything slows the drying of the cushion, like a wet bathing suit or forgotten towel, there’s no need to worry about the cushion rotting. When covered in a breathable outdoor fabric, foam cut to size and made of fast-drying materials can be left out during rain and storms and will resist waterlogging in damp marine environments. If you’re in need of comfortable outdoor cushioning without the hassle of bringing them in and out every time you want to relax, fast-drying foam is the material for the job.