Foam for Arts and Crafts Projects

Foam can be an excellent way to spend the afternoon crafting with children. It’s inexpensive to purchase, and you can make a variety of cool concepts with it. Foam also comes in many colors, and it’s easy to cut and shape into practically anything. All you need is a few sheets of foam, something to color with, and some child-safe scissors. Here are some simple projects you can do with sound proofing foam, craft foam or even leftover upholstery foam.

Make a Foam Lunch

You can make an appetizing looking lunch made entirely from foam. Using red sheets, you can cut circles for tomatoes. Pink can be used to make the meat in the sandwich, and you can cut rounded edges on a sheet of green foam to make lettuce. A slice of white foam, colored brown around the edges can form the piece of bread that holds the whole thing together. You can even craft some potato chips out of yellow foam, using a crimping machine to create a pattern across the face of the chip.

You can also add other veggies too, like a pickle (complete with paste on seeds) and a purple onion. Cut a thin strip of white foam and color it purple. The end result is a purple onion that looks natural.


You can create colorful pinwheels to catch wind out of foam. You first need to cut a large circle from any color sheet of foam, then slice six slits into the foam. The pinwheel effect occurs when you press in on the slits you made, keeping the edges held together with glue. You can also add an embellishment to the pinwheel, like glitter or a colorful button threaded to the pinwheel. Attach it to a dowel and go play outside.

Foam Stamps

Leftover acoustic foam panels work well for this project. Begin by cutting out some shapes for the kids to work with. You can even affix layers of another foam sheet to your original design to create depth in your art work. This works especially well with leaves, where you can add layers to simulate the vein effect.

Foam Windsock

This project begins with a single sheet of craft foam. You fold this sheet over to create a tunnel, then you can staple or glue it shut. The last part of the project is to construct your design for the outside. You can cut colorful shapes or patterns from the foam, or create a design like a giraffe or a fish to adorn the outside.
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