Have a Great Time with Foam Toys

At the beach, in the pool, or for the bath, foam toys provide versatility and utility wherever they’re used. Able to be made from closed-cell and open-cell foam varieties, foam toys have customization options that will work for fun-loving people of all ages.

Foam noodles are one of the best examples of how somebody can get tons of fun from a simple, lightweight product. Made out of polyethylene foam, these custom size foam toys are made in virtually any foam size imaginable, varying in diameter, length, and even whether or not the cylinder is hollowed out. Foam noodles are great for recreational flotation and playing around in the water, and are flexible enough to bend and twist into shapes that give you more support. A closed-cell foam, polyethylene won’t absorb moisture, so these forms stay light and usable summer after summer.

For younger children, open-cell foam cutouts can be great water toys that help make bath time more enjoyable for finicky kids. Open-cell cutouts can be found in all kinds of shapes, from dinosaurs and sports, to stars and moons. Their spongy nature absorbs water which can be squeezed out, and won’t have any hard or sharp edges parents need to be worried about. For safety in playrooms and activity areas, custom foam padding and bumpers can be made, even out of fire retardant foam, for additional peace of mind.