Highlights of the TRTL30x6 safe

ism_30x6_mainIf you are new to safes, you will likely be confused with what the first part in the name of the TRTL30x6 safe means. Is it some poorly thought out brand name? Is it a product code? Or, is it a simply generic name that is also used by other manufacturers?

TRTL30x6 is actually a code that indicates the type of safe. The combination of letters and number represent major attributes of the safe. These combinations, simply put, are as follows:

TR – Torch Resistant
TL – Tool Resistant
30 – “Resistance” Duration
x6 – sides deemed “resistant”

Being torch resistant means being fire-resistant. If you fail to figure out why is it called “torch resistant” instead of simply stating “fire resistant,” just think of a blow torch. Obviously, a blow torch produces a very hot fire and this fire may be used by burglars to melt a hole or weaken the lock system of a safe.

On the other hand, tool resistance infers the ability to hold off attempts to open or destroy the lock using various kinds of tools. These tools include drills, grinders, picking tools, and electrical or mechanical hand tools. `

The number components of the name, 30 and x6, respectively indicate the duration of the fire and tool resistance and the number of sides to which the resistance applies. The first number, 30, means that the safe is tested to be able to prevent things inside the safe from getting adversely affected by heat for up to 30 minutes. X6 indicates that all 6 sides of the safe are designed to be fire resistant and capable of holding off tool attacks.

Basically, this letter and number combination is only related to the security and protection rating of the safe. They don’t indicate dimensions or the thickness of the walls and doors of the safes. They also don’t present information whether the safe is electronic or mechanical. You have to inquire with the seller to learn more about the dimensions and other features of the safe you may want to buy. Of course, you also need to examine the safe.

Safes with the TRTL30x6 rating are usually used in the commercial setting or in securing highly valuable items at homes. They are usually big, ranging from 40 to 70 inches in height and around 30 inches in depth. They are not cheap so spending for them is usually considered an investment. For businesses, these highly secure safes, along with vaults, are a recommended expenditure not just for holding cash and valuables but also for containing important documents. The fire resistance of this type of safe means that documents are secured in case of fire. It’s important to remember, however, that fire protection is only up to a certain amount of time, from 30 minutes to 1 hour or longer.

Choose safes rated as TRTL30x6 if you are securing highly valuable items. They are quite pricey but the high level of protection they offer is definitely worth it.