Home Linen an Embarrassment with Friends – www.homelinen.co.uk

When some friends come to your house on any day of the week, especially when they have no seen your new home, it is likely you will want to give a tour of the place. If they are old friends from years back you might be comfortable showing off your place even if it is untidy. Your kids bedding may be all over the floor, to your surprise. Your friends will not be offended, because they probably have kids of their own. What will shock them, though, is how out-dated the linen is.

You might be so ashamed that you would want to cut the tour short. Be a trooper though, and show it with your determination to carry on with the tour in spite of your shame. If the bathroom has a towel strewn across the back of the toilet, remember that everyone has done this at one time or another when they are in a hurry in the morning. Graciously lift it back onto the towel rack. Your friends will be too busy gawking at your new bathroom fixtures.

Certainly, when they notice your huge back yard, they will ask if you are using it to sunbathe in behind that tall fence. It may remind you then that you do not even have beach towels. If you are going to take advantage of that, you will have to do some shopping. What you really want, though, is contemporary bedding, since yours is so out-dated. In fact, your entire Home Linen needs replacing. Do not wait until your friends bring this to your mind.