How to Extend the Life of your Furniture

Written by The Foam Factory


With proper care, furniture can last generations. Making it last that long involves regular maintenance and the frequency of this maintenance will depend on what needs to be addressed. For instance, upholsteryis the most visible and is also the more prone to wear and tear. Take of these issues as they come up and you can easily extend the life of your furniture



There are so many ways furniture can get damaged. If your furniture features fabric then there is the possible loss of color. Upholstery made out of faux-leather often experience cracks in various places without the application of regular leather treatment. Pets tend to damage furniture with their claws. Foam is another that needsregular replacement as after years of use, sofa seat cushions tend to become flat and no longer provide adequate support to the body. Ultimately, aside from wear and tear, your furniture will need constant maintenance.


Paint and Varnish

For wooden furniture, an effective way to ensure longevity is by applying a fresh coat of paint or varnish. The previous coating needs to be scraped off using sandpaper or a light scrub brush. The wood can then be treated and nourished before the paint or varnish is applied. Ideally, the coating would need to be thick enough to provide adequate protection.


Foam Replacement

When replacing couch foam, use high density foam which is more durable and convenient for couches and bedding. Most foam companies offer custom sizing when it comes to foam products making it easy to order the whatever dimensions you require.


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