How to Manage a Change in the Blue Print

Blueprint Project
Blueprint Project

The best, most effective, project managers will tell you that change is inevitable. And most companies will already have a change management policy in place. This is a large component of interim short term management services.

One aspect of construction advisory services is being ready for anything. The best managers always have an action plan in place for the next change. For example – changes to building plans. Each change may require additional input from the city, including permits, which add days to your already tight schedule.

Any time there is a change to your plans, you need to be prepared to handle the subsequent challenges quickly to reduce downtime.

One of the most important facets of construction management is knowing which step is going to cost the least amount of money – and taking that step. So, in the case of this changed deadline, hiring more workers is an option. Additional personnel would help get the project done on time, but then there is the cost of hiring more workers to take into account.

So, it’s clear that either way, there will be a cost. The best managers are decisive! If hiring more workers to finish the project on time would cost less than the late penalty, then clearly hiring more workers is the best immediate action.

When a manager’s performance is reviewed, their ability to protect the bottom line will be the major index by which they are measured, so the best managers let this guide their every-day decision making. Then, when the costs are clear, be decisive.

Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting is an interim short term management firm specializing in all aspects of commercial and residential construction.