How to Securely Store Tools

Tools shouldn’t cost you, they should make up their cost through the work you get out of them. With proper care and storage, a cordless drill or basic hammer should last for many years. For the most part, with a bit of maintenance and care, you can keep your tools in faithful service.

Gardening tools such as hoes, rakes, and shovels, should be wiped of dirt and hosed off if necessary. Don’t leave them out in the weather, use a plastic or wooden storage chest for them. Metal parts can become rusty and corroded if left to the elements, and wooden handles splinter and warp.

It’s helpful to have a shed on your property, even if you have a garage already. In the fall, when these tools are going to see heavy use as you maintain the yard, it is a good idea to keep them handy and clean. Inspect the wiring on any power tools you own, and inspect the devices for loose parts.

You might also want to flip over your lawn mower and blast away any debris with a small air compressor. You can blow away grass and dust, or hose it off with a high pressure hose nozzle. This helps keep your unit clean and ready for the summer months. Store the cleaned mower in a space that is dry and room temperature.

Split your tools up between your garage and your storage shed, and install some racks to keep everything properly separated. It’s a good idea to keep hand tools near the workbench, and keep garden tools in the shed or in the backyard. Buy a small lock for any toolboxes that stay outside, and make sure that the lock is secure.

In the garage, use a simple metal rack or wooden board to hang your tools. You can purchase hooks from your local hardware store, or keep it simple with sturdy nails anchored to the board. It might also help to build some cupboards and shelving so that you can keep your tools up off the floor and out of harms way. This also protects them from damage caused by unexpected leaks or drafts.