How to Sleep Better

One of the more interesting ideas to debut at CES this year was a tech-infused bed. You can not only set the firmness of one side of the mattress, you can track sleeping patterns via sensors built into the bed. The bed even has a feature that elevates your partner’s head by six inches if he or she snores. All of this gadgetry makes for an intriguing proof of concept, but you don’t need fancy electronics to sleep better.

White Noise

White or pink noise is a form of static that helps drown out ambient noise. Unless you’re fortunate enough to live in a gated community in the middle of nowhere, chances are there are sounds in your neighborhood. Simple iPad apps hooked up to a stereo via an auxillary cable will provide more than enough sound to drown out most noise. It’s also a consistent sound, so you aren’t distracted by loops or jarring noises as you drift off to sleep.

Warm Tea

There is evidence to suggest that warm tea before bed can actually soothe you to sleep. Before you invest in a new mattress or down a bottle of Nyquil, try a cup of chamomile. Green tea is another good choice as it has theanine in it. Just make sure that you’re not drinking the caffeinated stuff.

Foam Pillows

Part of what causes back pain is improper support. Closed cell foam in Canada is more compact than the open-cell foam you might find in a sponge. This is the same foam you would find on a sleeping or a yoga mat. Foam has a few advantages:

  • It’s sturdy material that is easy to replace.
  • It holds body heat, which is great for the winter time.
  • It’s lightweight.

Foam pillows can also be cut to a contour, like a posture-pedic pillow. These pillows are designed to cradle the head and support the neck, allowing you to sleep on your side or your back in relative comfort.

Foam Mattress Topper

Foam can be added to any mattress in a variety of ways. A memory foam topper for your mattress in Canada offers comfort at a small cost. It’s much cheaper to add a foam topper, like an egg crate, than it is to replace your mattress entirely. You can also replace the foam each year as it gets stained or loses its firmness. Some foam pads are also naturally waterproof and may guard against dust mites and mold better than your average mattress.
This guest post was written on behalf of Canada Foam By Mail, makers of discount memory foam mattress pads and other foam accessories.