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Egyptian cotton is known to have the best quality cotton fabric for its durability and softness. This is the reason why most Luxury Home Linen stores use this kind of cotton for their Egyptian beddings, Egyptian bed linen, Egyptian comforter, Egyptian duvets, etc. Apart from Egyptian cotton bedding and the like, Egyptian cotton is also used in making clothing and towels.

Egyptian cotton is known to be comfortable yet durable enough to stand varying weather conditions.  Taking the Nile River as an inspiration, the Egyptian cotton is assured to have a prolonged growth season with ample warmth and moisture. Long cotton fibers makes Egyptian cotton made beddings capable of absorbing more dyes, thus, resulting to fabrics with more vibrancy that are sure to brighten up your beds, living room sofas and other furniture in need of linen. Because Egyptian cotton is soft to the skin, but tough enough for it to be durable, Egyptian cotton beddings are made soft to touch, making it ultra comfortable to relax and sleep.

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