Make Your Own Affordable and Effective Archery Target

Chances are slim that you’ve never head the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” But no matter how clichéd it may sound, it remains true. Whether applied to your professional career or a hobby you’re passionate about, the more work and effort you put into a talent or skill, the better you become. Sporting competitions are the perfect example, and archery is one area where this could be not be any more true; a sport where practice is the only way to improve at your craft.


Archers can practice their shooting using many different kinds of targets, but one of the most popular is also the simplest: the basic foam block target. One reason an archery foam target is so popular is how easily it can be made in different styles and shapes to meet an archer’s preferences.


For beginners or those with low-powered bows, basic polyethylene foam targets form a perfect training setup. When used in appropriate thicknesses, this closed-cell material is a great archery foam, able to withstand lower-powered bow strikes and field tips, while making the reclamation of arrows easy.


For advanced archers, other types of foam can be used to create a target that holds up to more powerful bow shots. Using multiple thin sheets of cushion rubber foam, the material is layered and tied down to compress the foam tightly. That compression is important, as it prevents arrow blow-throughs. Additionally, foam rubber materials like neoprene exhibit a degree of self-healing after arrow penetration. Broadhead arrow tips are even able to be used on this kind of target, though their entry and removal will shorten the life of the material.


Whether you’re an avid hunter or just enjoy the skill and dedication required to hone your shooting, the right target can help you get the most out of your effort.