Methods for Insulating Your Ceiling Against Sound

When an individual needs to reduce noise or improve sound in a space, the first spots that receive acoustic treatment are typically the walls. However, for cavernous rooms, open-space offices and multi-story residences, much more can be done if you also address the space above you and consider acoustical treatment for your ceilings.

A ceiling is often a neglected area when it comes to sound reduction and acoustical treatment. But within multiple-story structures, sound can be transmitted upward just as easily as outward. Ceilings are also noise lids, trapping sound, echoes and reverberation. In spaces like offices, where multiple departments can be sectioned by dividers or cubicles while the entire office shares a ceiling, an entire office’s noise can be trapped and cause distractions and difficulty hearing. In an expansive classroom or auditorium, just a few people talking can generate sound reflections distracting enough to make hearing lessons or information difficult for others. For these reasons, insulating sound in a ceiling is vital in the acoustical treatment of a room. Fortunately, products exist for this very task, with foam mat sound barriers being some of the most affordable and easiest to implement.

Foam comes in many forms and styles that can be used to treat sound. Acoustical drop ceiling tiles are a great solution in basements for clarifying sound and reducing noise entering the floor above. Drop ceiling tiles are also beneficial in offices or classrooms to cut down on the buildup of noise, resulting in increased productivity and focus. The noise of phone calls will be reduced in offices, while in schools, teachers and professors can be heard more clearly. Acoustical drop ceiling tiles are great additions to home studios as well.

Foam can be factored into the sound acoustic construction of rooms as well. Thicker closed-cell foam sound barrier sheets added between floors act as a deadening agent. Some varieties can also provide the added benefit of insulation to a home, keeping a space quieter and more efficient.

If you have sound problems at home or at work and have looked all around for a solution, perhaps you only need to look up to find your answer.