Never Lose a Tool Again With Foam Storage Inserts

It seems every time we take on a job, we spend just as much time looking for the right tool as we do actually working on the project. Whether it’s the search for the right size wrench or a Phillips head screwdriver among a sea of slot head drivers, there isn’t much worse than spending 10 minutes looking for a tool that you only need for 10 seconds of work. Because we all want to get jobs done quickly, putting tools away during a project is often a secondary issue and leads to the messy tool chests and boxes that cause us so much stress. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to keep your tools organized once and for all.

With custom tooling inserts, cut to size foam that fits your tools is layered over durable colored foam sheets that organize your tool collection in a cabinet or drawer and gives each piece its own permanent home. Using materials like neoprene and Minicel foam, it’s very easy to buy raw sheets, plot your tool layout and trim out the shapes. A foam rubber cut is very easy to make with a sharp tool and will leave a smooth edge for a sleek, professional-looking case. You can orient your tool collection any way you desire by doing this yourself, putting as many tools as you want in each drawer.

The other benefit to this level of organization is that you won’t lose tools or leave them behind at job sites. There is a reason these custom inserts are dual-layered with colored bases, and it is to draw the attention of the owner to the fact a tool is missing. With a black or gray top layer and every tool in its place, the inserts have a clean, subdued appearance. But with a bright base of yellow, red or blue, when a tool isn’t in its spot, it’s quickly noticed. It’s practically an alarm system that lets you know something is missing.

Closed-cell foam like polyethylene, neoprene and Minicel are durable products that can be wiped down and cleaned as necessary, so you don’t need to treat the casing any more gently than you’d treat your tools.