Packaging for a Move

If you’re prepping your home for a move, and you have lots of breakable glassware, then you have a challenge on your hands! Not to worry! Some packaging from Canada can help you secure your valuables and keep them safe during even a cross country move. With this guide, you’ll learn how to upgrade your packaging and how to safely stow the most valuable breakables in your home.


Why Upgrading Matters

How many times have you moved? Three, four times in your entire life? That’s a few hundred, perhaps even a thousand dollars you may have spent on disposable boxes over the year. Boxes these days are quite expensive, and they don’t last.

That’s why more homes are upgrading their storage to last for the long term. First, install some shelving in the garage. You’ll be glad you have that shelving for the new plastic boxes you’ll be getting. Clear plastic is preferable. You’ll label every box, of course, but clear plastic is good for spotting certain items (like the Christmas ornament your wife loves).

Upgrading to plastic will keep your breakables safe, easily storable and ready for whenever you need them next.


When you’re trying to package plates, glasses and other breakables, most people wrap them in newspaper and wonder why they arrive to the new home shattered. One or two layers of something that is paper thin isn’t going to save your glassware.

Flexible polyurethane foam is something most companies use, but most consumers don’t. You can easily cut and shape it to fit the mold of whatever you need with little more than a craft knife. Cut a strip through the middle, and you can use it to secure cups or silverware.

You can also used closed cell foam from Canada that has been cut into sheets. Place the sheets above and below any electronics you’re storing. You can protect CDs, old books and just about anything flat with this too. The foam adds stability to the package, and helps protect against shock.

If you drop the package, the foam that occupies the package absorbs the impact. Your breakables will be safe, especially with closed-cell foam. That type of foam is typically higher in density, which makes it perfect for packing materials.

Final Thoughts

You can order foam cut to sheets, then re-shape as you need it. Not much planning required, and the packaging will last for most of your life time. While it seems expensive to upgrade, you’ll be glad you did when you’re unpacking your breakables in the new home.
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