Revamp Your Backyard with These Tips

Written by: Wicker Paradise

Have you ever stood and looked at the state of your backyard? If you’ve owned your home for a while, or even if you’re a new home owner, chances are good that your furniture is either run down or non-existent! If your backyard needs a makeover to look like the paradise you want it to be, there are a few basics you’ll want to have around: a garden, outdoor wicker furniture and a cozy space for seating. Read on for tips on how to give your backyard a face lift.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Step one is to develop a clean slate to start from. Begin by removing everything you don’t need from the backyard. Yes, everything. Even that old plastic hose reel you used for storage. Throw out everything that isn’t broken, bolted down or worth keeping. Once you’ve hauled your garbage away, it’s time to see the world with fresh eyes.


Wicker is in, partially because it has a timeless quality to it. Your average outdoor wicker sectional will look as amazing today as it will in five years if you maintain it. Make sure you opt for waterproof fabrics to leave out in the open all year long.

Measure Your Space

With a clean slate, it should be easy enough to determine whether you could use an outdoor wicker sofa, sectional, daybed or easy chair. Remember, you can purchase canvas canopies that are mobile, so you’re not married to whatever concrete might be positioned outside your patio door. Consider laying some new concrete and you’ll find undiscovered places to lounge all over the yard.