Revitalizing Furniture with this One Simple Trick

Cushions can give any old piece of furniture a much-needed bump in quality. A good cushion can provide comfortable seating, add a beautiful splash of color in any space and help create support for your lower back when you are sitting down for a prolonged period. The couch is the centerpiece of the living room, and a good cushion can make it stand out. Before you purchase a whole new couch, try revamping your old furniture with new cushions.

Replacing Cushions 

Sometimes cushions wear out, they may become stained or the stuffing may fall out. In any case, you may find yourself in need of new cushions for the space. New cushions come store bought in many varieties, but you can buy filling too. Foam cushions can give your sofa a new look, or help revitalize sagging cushions. You can also upholster a foam cushion to change the colors of your furniture, or add a pattern to the living room. Typically, cushions come in cotton, polyesters, velvet and satins.

Custom Cushions

Vintage pieces can be refitted with a custom cushion that will bring back the old look, and create some added support for your back. Throw pillows can also perk up any piece of furniture in your home, with a little support for the lumbar. You can order sofa foam cut to your specifications online, then stitch together your own covers to create a piece that is one-of-a-kind. If you lack the sewing skills, you can commission a seamstress to finish the job and pocket the savings. Start with a fabric you like and then use a standard foam cushion to create a specific cushion for use in the home.

Camper Cushions

A set of camper cushions can be useful for people on the go, even if you don’t own a camper. They can provide support inside the vehicle, or add some extra padding to outdoor chairs. Remember that a camper sees extraordinary use compared to the home, with much more time spent in the elements. It is not uncommon for people to come into the room with dirt on their feet and clothing. As a result, it is imperative to make sure that any cushions that you buy or make are created from durable fabrics that can hold up to very heavy usage and weather conditions. If possible, such cushions should be able to retain their shape and color even when it is raining. Look for fabrics that won’t fade in the hot sun or show water stains readily after a day at the lake.

New cushions are one of the best ways to create an updated look in your home. For a small fee or a quick investment of time and some fabric, you can often make any room feel nearly brand new.


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