Should you turn your backyard into another living room?

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Recently, the Washington Post called living room furnishings in backyards “the new American status symbol.” Today, there are even deck competitions that give out awards for the best outdoor living area. In an era where backyards have become another way to express yourself through home design, you might be wondering where to start.

An outdoor area with heaters, couches, and other traditional home fixtures can be an inviting space for yourself or visitors. You may not be willing to spend an extravagant amount of dollars on a waterfall or hot tub like the gentleman in the Washington Post’s article, but you can add comfortable furnishings to your backyard or patio to make it a more luxurious place to live. Simple touches such as adding outdoor wicker furniture or Treasure Garden umbrellas to provide some shade can transform your backyard into a comfortable living space perfect for entertaining guests or for relaxation by yourself.

Outdoor wicker furniture is great because it looks elegant and is designed to address weather challenges. It is made from a synthetic resin that is resistant to moisture and sunlight damage. Treasure Garden umbrellas are also versatile, high-quality fixtures that add a splash of color while providing shade for outdoor lounging sessions.

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