Take a Load off With Ottoman Furniture

After a long day of work, we all deserve to come home, fall on the couch, and put our feet up. We can’t do that though, unless we have an ottoman cushion; one of the most underrated and unrecognized pieces of furniture in a home.

Used as foot rests, extra seating, coffee tables, or just as decoration, ottomans are a utilitarian addition to any home and made in many varieties to fit décor, comfort, and styling preferences.

The most recognized version of ottoman cushions is the four-legged, upholstered stool cushion. These are usually part of a living room set, meant to accompany a couch or seat, with matching coverings. They are padded well enough to comfortably put your feet up or accommodate an extra guest.

Many ottomans offer storage, as the top cushion either lifts off or flips upward on a hinge. This is perfect for storing old issues of magazines, assorted remote controls, and other odds and ends that have a purpose but not necessarily a place in your den.

For younger people, purchasing a full living room set isn’t always practical (or affordable). That doesn’t mean comfort isn’t important however, and there are ottomans that can fit the bill in terms of practicality, movability, and affordability. Foam or pellet filled bean bag-style ottomans are perfect for a foot rest in a space that’s maturing or is in need of some eclectic styling. Extremely comfortable, bean bag ottomans can have coverings in innumerable fabrics and colors, make for comfy overflow seating, and are easily compacted to move with.