The Benefit of Radiant Heating

Now that winter’s here, most of us are settling for a lot of time spent in layers, traffic and indoors where it’s nice and warm. However, there’s a brand new way to stay warm that more and more people are learning about. In fact, you may have already experienced it. Underfloor heating is the creative new way to stay warm during winter’s cold blast. It works just as it sounds, by heating the floor beneath your feet. Imagine seeing snowfall out your window, but being able to walk around indoors in your bare feet. Now it can happen thanks to this great invention.

Though there are already multiple methods for heating the floor, radiant heating is already considered the best option, although it’s one of the newest. Simply put, radiant heating works by using electricity to warm your floor’s tiles from beneath.

While it’s extremely effective, what many people love about it is how cost-effective it is. You wouldn’t think this kind of luxury would be so affordable, but it absolutely can be if you install them yourself. Radiant heating is so easy to install that many suppliers sell kits to get the job done. Most people use them for ceramic tile floor heating, but there are a number of other floor types it accommodates.

Instead of sitting inside, hiding from the cold, install radiant heating in your home and enjoy every step you take this winter.


Article submitted by EZ Floor Heat. The company is helping to popularize Electric Radiant Heating by selling products that make it easy to install.