Tips for Repairing Open Valleys on Roofing Vienna Virginia

One of the things that people need help with in roofing Vienna Virginia is repairing their open valley. They often will call someone out help them with it. Fortunately, this is one of those things that can be done on your own if you have no trouble getting up on your roof. Here is how to do that on your roofing McLean Virginia.

  • Inspect your valley for any holes all along the joint. You are able to patch any small holes using the same kind of metal your valley’s made of. Most of the valleys are either copper or aluminum.  If you use different kinds of metal for patching your valley, you are going to cause corrosion.
  • Clean the surface of your valley using a wire brush.
  • Cut your patch of sheet metal around 2 inches larger around the diameter of the hole.  In other words, on all sides there should be a two inch piece.
  • Spread a thick coating of the roof cement on the damaged area, and then press your patch onto it, bending the patch to the valley’s shape. Spread some more roof cement on the patch edges in order to seal out any kind of water.

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