Tips to Repair or Replace a Front Door

Front doors are one of the first things a potential buyer will notice about your home if you decide to sell. It’s part of your home’s “curb appeal”, or a measure of how attractive your home will seem to a prospective buyer. In this article, we’ll look at choosing a new front door, what you need to know to install, and some trends that dominate the market of today.

Measuring for Purchase

Front entry doors can be purchased as either a slab or prehung. Slabs tend to be less expensive because you’re buying less hardware. They are also harder to measure for if your door isn’t the standard size. Prehung doors, by contrast, are easy to measure for. Measure height and length from the outsides of the frame, then measure the width of the jamb.


Depending on your skill level with tools, installation is fairly simple. Still, many homeowners will find that hiring a contractor is only a modest cost compared to purchasing the tools yourself. If you already have those tools, then DIY is the best route to go. If not, then a contractor might just be the more affordable route.

Modern Styles Dominate

Modern is the big trend in front doors for homes, especially with Xeriscaping catching on. AS homes transition to landscaping that uses less water, the angular styles of a modern front door often compliment those landscaping choices. Modern doors also tend to feature more glass work, which lets light and warmth into the home.