Tips to Stop Construction Disputes

A construction project consists of many moving parts, and a lot of money from various sources. Even residential projects can quickly climb in value. Especially as the home owner adds more custom furnishings and makes changes to plans. Of course, rising costs often mean disputes over those costs. Here are tips construction consultants often use to help avoid disputes altogether.


Every aspect of a construction project should be put into writing. This includes all of the details of the home or building owner’s order, all personnel changes, all materials ordered, plans, any changes to those plans and any other request pertinent to the project. It may seem excessive, but verbal agreements do not hold up in court. Besides, people forget things all the time. Don’t let yourself fall victim to that trap. Put everything in writing.

Open Communication

Project managers shoulder a heavy burden, but it helps to stay in contact with the owners and higher ups. PMs who keep these key people informed tend to face fewer disputes over missed deadlines, especially if interim short term management services are contracted. Adding a bit of help when the PM needs it most can help put a project back on track and minimize the damages.

Keep Detailed Records

Records are the lifeblood of any successful defense. If ever a dispute arises, record keeping is often the deciding factor behind the outcome. Even in mediation. Record keeping is essential so that each party can point to specifically what was contracted compared to what was actually performed.


Lyle Charles is a construction consultant for residential and commercial construction projects. For help with project management, planning or budgeting, contact Lyle Charles Consulting.