Who is a construction expert witness?

close-up of a businessman shaking hands with a businesswoman --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
close-up of a businessman shaking hands with a businesswoman — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Written by Lyle Charles

Construction expert witnesses have extensive knowledge about the construction industry, including construction accidents and construction injury. They testify to help inform the trier of the facts relating to a construction lawsuit. These may include areas such as building delays, codes, compliance, construction costs, and construction defects. They will also discuss the building process, construction contracts, financing, bonds, and insurance etc.

A legal claim arising from a construction project may involve contract law, torts, and property law. In most cases, disputes will arise on delays of a project, which fall under construction delay claims. A construction law claim can include two or more parties. For example, condominium tenants can sue a real estate developer.

Construction expert witnesses may help a case and provide expertise in a particular field. These experts can include real estate developers, contractors, safety managers, electricians, and compliance experts etc. Experts will be licensed to speak on particular subjects that they have a wide knowledge on.

A construction expert may consult, report, and testify on some of the following;

Design evaluation

Cost estimates

Standards of care

Quality issues

Accident investigation

Building code compliance

Construction defects

Construction management

Construction safety

Forensic investigations

Governmental regulations

Infrastructure projects

Price discrepancies

Structural engineering

Toxic mold

Work zone safety

If you are looking to hire a construction expert witness to help your case, it is best that you find one through a reputed law firm.


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