4 Common HVAC Mistakes to Avoid

Taking care of HVAC system is vital. If ignored, it will cost you time, money and even you and your family’s health.

That said, here are 4 common HVAC mistakes that you should avoid:

#1: HVAC System Too Large

Most people think that the larger the HVAC unit, the cooler or warmer your home will be. This is anything but true. Not only will you end up with a unit that doesn’t cool or warm your home as efficiently as it should but you will end up with a larger electricity bill.

#2: Thermostat Too Low

Turning down your thermostat too low will not help cooling your room faster. This is for the reason that air only cools down at just one speed. Unfortunately, this will push your HVAC unit too hard as well. Also, if you forget to readjust the temperature once your room is back to a normal temperature, this can add additional strain.

#3: No Regular Maintenance Performed

Since most homeowners use your HVAC unit throughout the year, not performing maintenance is a bad idea. This is because it is the hardest working units installed at your home. In order to ensure optimum performance, ensure that it is serviced twice a year while changing the filter. Also, trim away any bushes or shrubbery that grow around the outside condenser.

#4: Closing off extra rooms

A common mistake is to close off vents to rooms which are hardly used. While this might work in the short-term, your airconditioner could be damaged as time goes by. This is because of the pressure on your HVAC system because you close these vents that can lead to duct leaks among other problems.