Five Uses for a Snap-On Air Compressor

Written by: Toolsmith Direct

An air compressor is one of the most useful objects that you can have in your home. Snap-On air tools offer a wide range of uses that can help you maintain your home, and complete new projects. A compressor forces air out of a hose, typically with a small nozzle attached. If you’re on the fence about getting your own air compressor, consider the many reasons there are to use one.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing uses the pressure inside the air hose to force water out at a particular pressure. Be careful that you do not approach these projects with the pressure set too high, or else you could damage what you’re working with.

You can improve the value of your home by pressure washing the cement outside of your garage to wipe away old oil stains from years of use. Pressure washing is also useful on the siding of your home, where dirt and debris tends to accumulate from years of use.

Pneumatic Tools

You can change a car tar much faster with a pneumatic torque wrench. The air pressure from your Snap-On air compressor can be used to power lots of tools. Air nail guns use pressure to force nails through a wall with precision. Staple guns also work, but tend to find more use on softer woods. Drills and drivers help you complete a difficult task that requires a lot of effort in seconds.

Cleaning System

Attach a small air hose to the compressor and you have a blast of air you can use to clear debris away from a project. Wood and metal workers use this technology frequently as debris builds up. Wood working requires precision, and dust can obscure the detailed pattern someone is working on. The hoses can also be useful as part of a cleaning station, in case you get debris in or near your eyes.


Don’t forget the obvious uses! You can use an air compressor to inflate car tires and game balls around the house too. It’s not all that life changing, but you won’t need to make trips to the gas station before work. Plus, you can keep your tire pressure regulated for maximum gas mileage.

Painting System

Attaching a nozzle and paint system to your compressor makes the job of painting your home much easier. Hobbyists also use compressors to refurbish old furniture, as it’s often easier and cleaner to spray paint onto a curved surface than to use a brush.