A Guide on How to Replace Your Couch Cushion

Replacing your old couch cushions is important for maintaining a high comfort level. Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to replace. Here is a quick guide to help you get started.


Measure Your Cushion Before You Replace

When you purchase replacement cushions for your seats, you want to be sure that you get the correct sizing. By putting in a size too big, what you will end up with is a bumpy, awkward-looking seat. You wouldn’t want your guest to be sitting on a stiff seat shaped like mountains. Be sure to take the proper measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

Check for Old Foam

When you remove the old foam, what you are going to be left with is an empty cover. Take a look inside to make sure that there are no remnants of old foam and debris hiding inside. Because this is probably one of the only times that your cover will be empty, take the opportunity to machine wash them. Be sure your covers are completely dry before stuffing your new couch cushions inside.

Insert Your New Cushion

Unzip your clean cover and face it on a flat surface towards you. Fold the long sides of the foam together. This makes it easier for you to stuff it inside the cover. If it’s too hard you can try taking a durable belt to tie the two ends together. After it’s inserted, continue to push the foam towards the front of the cover while keeping it folded. Once it has reached the entire length, you can then release your grip on the foam and it should even itself out filling in the cover.

Smoothing it Out

Once you foam is inside your cover, it will be probably look out of place and of the sort. Smooth the cover out and align the seams of the cover to the edge of the foam. Clear out the majority of the wrinkles by running your hands over the cover evenly.

Closing Your Cover

Once your foam is fully fitted inside your cover, the only thing left is to close the zipper back. If your foam has been accurately measured, then you shouldn’t have too much of problem with it sticking out. Just gently place the foam back into the cover and you are back in action.
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