Cutting Costs on Home Repairs

Professional graphic designer Jen Allyson had a right budget for her home renovation. After compiling a list of what should be prioritized, she then proceeded to shop for all the low-cost materials needed. She created a budget for each room that needed to be worked on and made sure not to surpass it. For the hardwood flooring and stairs, she avoided hiring a contractor and saved over 40% in the end. If you are like Jen and want to renovate or fix up your home without having to uncontrollably spend, then these tips will help you.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are crucial for areas with high temperatures. Many of them come with warranty’s that can be renewed annually. Put it this way, would you rather spend the $100 per year to ensure its upkeep or deal with the hassle of it randomly breaking down on you causing you to fork over thousands for a replacement.


Your fence plays a role in your house’s appeal. Small cracks or missing bricks seem like an easy and cheap repair. Sometimes that’s not the case. It could be a signal that something bigger is going on with your foundation. Instead of ignoring the signs, go out and get multiple estimates from professional and trusted fence companies. You can then narrow down your options and ultimately save yourself from a bigger problem.

Shower Tiling

After a period of time your shower tiles may need to be retiled. When you notice that your water isn’t fully draining as it normally should, try and get it inspected. As stated before, obtain multiple quotes and repeat the process. You can also try and cut costs by seeing if it can be graded without replacing all of the tiling.

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the founder of Realty ONE Group, a full service residential real estate brokerage with over 6,000 agents and 50+ offices across the nation.