Applying Dacron with Glue

Polyester fiberfill is a fantastic product for enhancing the comfort of cushions and seating pads, as well as creating a full, fluffy appearance in a cushion. Made from loosely intertwined polyester fibers, these products are routinely sold in rolls and sheets of batting, making it easy to trim the material to size and apply it to a cushion.

To wrap a cushion in polyfill using glue, you need to measure the length of the cushion from front to back, double it, and then add the cushion’s thickness to that number. This is the length of batting you will need to use. Also measure the width of the cushion and trim it to the same measurement of the cushion with no overlap.

After trimming your batting, place the foam cushion on the surface and spray around the back three edges of the cushion with the glue, as well as the two outside edges of the front cushion face. Spray the corresponding areas on the fiberfill as well, place it onto the foam, and gently hold it in place for 10 to 15 seconds. This should give you an exposed back edge and sides to the cushion, with a covered top and front. Gently flip the cushion over so it looks like an open book and repeat the process on the other side. You’ll wind up with a soft, fluffy, wrapped cushion on the top, bottom and front edge. Once you’ve given the glue time to dry, insert the cushion into the cover and enjoy!

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, a fantastic online source for foam and foam products, including cushions, polyfill batting, and bedding.