Build a Hanging Outdoor Bed

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

The porch swing used to be the centerpiece of any porch. The swing is now being replaced by its more modern counterpart, the hanging outdoor bed. The latter has the advantage of being more spacious, cozy and comfortable than the swing. It also provides the ultimate relaxation environment since it is basically a suspended bed, sometimes even coming in queen size.

Building the Hanging Bed

Building a hanging bed might be easy if you have experience with DIY projects. In case you are not, you might consider having the outdoor bed made and installed by a professional. The regular dimension of a hanging outdoor bed would be that of a twin bed.

The Mattress

An adequate sized mattress should also come along with the bed. For a good mattress, Canada has many great suppliers to choose from. For the outdoorsCarlo Badalamenti, who has been in the foam industry for several decades, suggests that, it is better to choose a latex mattress or an open-celled foam to create a mattress.

Apply a Protective Finish

Protective finishes are important, especially for the outdoors. Exposed screw holes would also need to be filled with a wood filler and left to dry. The hanging bed would then need to be scrubbed with coarse sandpaper. The protective coating/finish can then be applied and left and left to dry.

Hang the bed

The daybed can be hung using lag screws directly on the beam or rafters. Ropes or chains can be used for this. The hanging bed would then be ready for the mattress or bedding. The ideal hanging height is at 18 inches to the top.


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