Lyle Charles Offers Home Construction Management Tips

Written by: Lyle Charles Consulting

Summary: Management tips to improve the safety and efficiency of your home construction project.

Having a home built for you is a wonderful feeling, but the planning can be overwhelming. Especially if it’s your first time. The process of getting permits, coupled with the time it takes to prepare blueprints can be burdensome. Throw in the costs to renovate those blueprints and you have even more trouble. Especially with inspections. Here are some tips from a seasoned construction professional on how to improve the workflow for your home construction project.

Secure Materials

Double check that you’ve ordered the proper supplies, and that you’re getting a good deal. Construction claims consultants can provide a lot of benefit here, because they know what you should be paying for materials. They may also have suppliers they prefer to work with, just be sure that you have an estimated time line and some form of guarantee of delivery.

Securing Permits

Before you move forward with building, you’ll need to submit your designs to the city and have them approved. The city will issue you the relevant permits based on the specifications of your project. It’s important that you build additions up to code, as you can run into problems later if you decide to sell the property. Also, codes keep buildings safe. Having your blueprints approved is an important step in building a safe structure.

Final Thought

Remember that your best defense against legal troubles down the road is record keeping. It’s easy to lose receipts in the chaos of building, but those receipts are your primary line of defense in court. If contractors bring a lawsuit against you, retain a consultant to review your documentation.

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