Complete the Look of Your Home by Choosing a Stylish Entry Door

Complete-the-Look-of-Your-Home-by-Choosing-a-Stylish-Entry-DoorA beautiful entry door is not only impressive, but it welcomes you and your guests into your stylish home. Because a front door is known to be the first impression of your home, it’s important to choose a style that not only looks fantastic from the exterior, but enhances the architecture of your home. Essentially, designing within context will further help you choose the right type of hardware and handles to install. Let the architecture of your home guide you into choosing your home.

Important Considerations

The general style of your home will help dictate what design elements you should incorporate into your door. Also, keep durability in mind as you’ll want your entry door to be sturdy enough to repel damage caused by the weather and elements.

Exposure to the weather is an extremely important factor that you must consider before choosing the door material. Mahogany exterior doors are ideal for high exposure areas and have a high resistance to the elements. Typically, these doors are finished with an oil coat to improve its resistance factor.

Caring For Your Doors

If you fail to care for your doors, you can expect them to have a shorter life span.

If your doors are exposed to a significant amount of rain and sudden temperature changes, apply some oil finish to it. The reason why oil finish is so potent is that it essentially allows the door to breathe, and it won’t peel like a varnish. The downside to applying an oil finish to your door is that you’re going to need to reapply the finish every six months to get the maximum effect out of it.

Epoxy is a durable solution that can work for both interior and exterior doors. It has a high build and looks better than oil and varnish. Although it’s perfect for wood front doors, it’s extremely tough to reapply.

Nonetheless, it’s important to maintain your doors as all of the design work that you put into it will eventually fade over time if you neglect it.

Harmonize Style

As stated before, your existing architecture will help you choose the door that’s right for you. By choosing the right front door for your home, you’ll promote a sense of harmony within your home and out of it. By paying close attention to the craftsmanship and detail, you’ll easily be able to integrate your door into your whole design. Beautify and enhance the look of your home today with a new entry door.

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