What to Consider in a Construction Expert Witness

Construction Expert WitnessThere are numerous questions that you’re going to need to ask yourself when hiring a credible construction expert witness for your case. Your first priority should lie whether or not he’s truly suited for the case.

Consider Appropriateness

Beyond their credentials and hands-on experience, assess whether or not his knowledge and skills that he brings to the table works in conjunction to the case. For example, if your dispute is revolving around plumbing, you wouldn’t want to hire someone that specializes in roof fixtures. Remember, a witness that specializes in general construction areas are easier targets for the opposing counsel members, no matter their credibility.

Make Sure You Hire Early

If you’re hiring a witness, make sure you hire early. This way, you won’t miss out on what perspective they can offer you when it comes to the preparation of the case. Here, the expert will offer you advice or suggestions that could affect the result of the dispute. Listen to all of the technical details that he might provide. You’re also at liberty to ask what he believes will be the strong and weak points of the opposing side’s expert witnesses so you have the upper hand. Don’t skim on detail, especially when you have a substantial claim to deal with.

Also, it’s important that you give the witness time. They’re going to need time to write their reports, reflect and discuss the case, and consider the available materials. All of these factors play a large role in deciding the outcome, so be sure to speak with one of the many construction consulting services to discuss witnesses today.

Bio: Lyle Charles is the head of Lyle Charles Consulting, a consulting firm that has years of field experience in construction issues that will help move the resolution process swiftly and easily.