Cost-Effective Acoustical Treatment Solutions

Despite its visible presence in many high-end recording studios and sound booths, much of acoustical treatment occurs on a smaller scale, in spaces like home theaters or basement studios. People want to achieve the clearest sound possible when listening to their movies and music, whether it’s their career or just a hobby they are passionate about. But just because an average Joe doesn’t have the treatment budget of a Los Angeles  recording studio doesn’t mean they can’t have a clear, crisp, and enjoyable listening space.

Fortunately, acoustic foam panels can improve the quality of sound of any space. Acoustical treatment foam, when manufactured into a convoluted/eggcrate pattern, creates two pieces of treatment in a single manufacturing run, making them incredibly efficient treatment products. They can be ordered in large, broad sheets and mounted in open areas to reduce bouncing echoes and reflections, or cut into smaller sections that get spaced out as needed. Their peak-and-valley surface design does an excellent job of diffusing sound, and the thicker the foam’s base, the better sound absorption it can offer.

It’s important to know that eggcrate foam treatment is different from the traditional eggcrate comfort products, because it is made with special acoustical properties. Additionally, proper acoustical eggcrate is made with fire retardants for safety. Eggcrate can also be wrapped in acoustic fabric to customize the fabric for cleaner looking panels. If it’s great sound at an affordable price that you’re after, acoustical eggcrate foam can be part of your solution.