Why More Sports Facilities Choose Synthetic Grass

CCGrass Landscapes manufactures synthetic grass for sports facilities and residential homes. For more information, or to order your turf, visit their website online.

Artificial putting greens aren’t likely to make it to the PGA anytime soon, but they are finding their way into golf courses around the US. The reasoning? Artificial grass cuts tons of time off maintenance of the greens, and they are easier to maintain throughout the four seasons. Putting greens must be trimmed to a specific length to remain competitive. Artificial turf eliminates the need for repeated trimmings because the grass doesn’t grow. This lack of maintenance translates to savings for the organization, which means better equipment and facilities over time. So, while turf does have a higher upfront cost than sod, savings over time will prove the investment worthy.

Artificial turf has also made some solid strides toward looking prettier too. The old ways of frayed, run down greens are gone. Today’s new synthetic grass installations are designed to keep their color vibrancy over time, and stand up to repeated usage. The grass is also fade resistant, able to stand many hours in the hot sun without damaging the landscape.

Appearance after a match is something else to consider. Repeated usage of sports fields in public parks often tears up the ground. Players might put pock marks in the landscape, brown the grass, or the field might suffer from inadequate watering.

Additionally, artificial turf is also safer than regular grass. An artificial grass supplier like CCGrass Landscapes manufactures a padded sheet of turf. This helps provide a slippery surface for players to slide upon, with a soft cushion to absorb the impact of landing. The end result is turf with traction that slides when you need it to. There is no question that the move to switch to artificial turf has saved sports teams time and money tending to injuries from normal grass.

For those most concerned with price, usually schools and smaller fields, wholesale turf offers teams the chance to complete their landscape cost effectively. Installation can be done professionally, but most turf is easy to do yourself. Be sure that you line each piece of turf up so that they are flush, then use a rubber sealant to close any remaining gaps. This prevents fluids from penetrating your turf, and helps keep your landscape lush for longer.

Instead of wasting money watering and re-sodding your landscape, use artificial turf. It’s better for athletes, and it will bring savings to your stadium.