Door-Related Accidents

There are literally thousands of garage door accidents each year. Affecting everyone from teenagers to the elderly, garage doors can cause minor injuries (like a sprained finger) or cause something much more severe. It’s one of the fastest and heaviest parts in our home, so it’s important that we treat it with respect and observe some safety precautions before we use this door.

Inform Kids

Many garage door accidents are easy to avoid by keeping your children away from the moving parts. Children are often unaware of the dangers facing them when they play beneath the overhang. You can prevent children from accidentally triggering the door by placing the switch higher up on the wall.

You should also take a short tour with your child and show them where the potential for danger lays. Loose springs, a bad mounting, almost anything can cause your door to become unhinged and fall on someone below. Never assume that your garage door is working, even if it seems like it is. There is always room for you to inspect the mechanism and be prepared.

Perform Maintenance

Your greatest asset in stopping accidents is your own maintenance schedule. Routinely check that your door is responsive when you push the button to open it. Check the frame and be sure that the mechanisms are tightened. You should also be concerned with excess snow build up during the winter, which can cause damage to the electrical box in your garage.

If a problem does creep up, call a professional immediately. It’s important that you find someone who is versed in the setup and maintenance of your garage. Do not try to make all repairs yourself or your run a greater risk of injury.

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