Fiberglass: A Proper Door Option

For a long time, the fiberglass door has stood in the shadows of natural wood.  It didn’t have the character, the knots, or the general hearty feel that wood doors typically convey.  And those facts all remain true; however, recent innovations in fiberglass door manufacturing have resulted in fiberglass doors that are beautiful in their own right- not because they almost look like wood.

Less Upkeep. Wood doors are wood, natural products requiring consistent upkeep and maintenance, the absence of which can dramatically reduce the lifespan of the product.  Fiberglass material is durable, customizable (more on this below), and ultimately cleans and maintains easier.   Gone are the annual or biannual staining projects, just sit back and enjoy the beauty of your fiberglass door.

Heaps of Staining Options. Woodgrain finish?  Sure, that can happen.  Bright red?  Absolutely.  Fiberglass door manufacturers have worked tirelessly to ensure the door options you want are available for a large majority of their door styles.

Less Guess Work. Ordering a knotty alder door?  How do you know if you will like the number knots?  What about some of the grain design?  Natural wood has a host of irreversible/correctable conditions that can be sources of disappointment with the product. Another one of the benefits gained when selecting fiberglass is the consistency of the product.  You can still have the wood-like finish (if you so choose), without having to worry about getting a door with two tones, or variations.  Fiberglass takes away much of the wood selection guess work.

Green.  While ETO Doors and other door manufacturers use sustainable foresting processes, avoiding the purchase of a wood door is easily just as ‘green’ of a selection.  And because of the inherent insulating nature of fiberglass, you’ll probably see a change in the heat/cool exchange near your entryway.  For those of us in colder climates, this could translate into energy savings over time.

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