LED Grow Lights Help You Grow in Any Environment

There was a time when if you wanted to grow something, you needed a plot of land outdoors, plenty of sunlight and a water source. That was pretty easy to find living in rural areas or the suburbs but as more folks migrated into urban centers, the need to develop sustainable urban farming indoors arose. Because of that need, an entire industry of indoor grow lights sprang up like so many crops. Now LED grow lights have taken that indoor farming industry to the next level by providing a cleaner, safer and more avoidable way to grow plants in any indoor environment.

If you were to take a helicopter tour across cities, you might be surprised at how many rooftop gardens have sprung up in recent years. Those urban farms are also expanding into basements, attics and garages which a person can have total control over the elements by incorporating LED grows lights as their primary source of light. Many of these indoor gardens incorporate the process of hydroponics in conjunction with the proper placement of LED grow lights. Hydroponics allows a person to construct a garden using minimal amounts of soil. This matters a lot especially in apartments where weight bearing might be an issue.

Setting up an indoor garden can have practical applications for anyone who is looking to grow their own organic foods. Depending on the situation and amount of room, it is conceivable that with the benefit of LED grow lights, you should be able to grow anything indoors that you can grow outdoors. This includes vegetables, fruits and blooming flowers.

One creative use of indoor farming has been in the creation of algae production used in the making of biodiesel. This requires a bit more research and work to turn algae into gas. However, if you manage to set up your indoor farm and adapt your automobile you could have an endless supply of alternative energy growing in your own basement throughout the year.

For families who are looking to reduce the costs of their monthly grocery bills indoor gardens powered with LED grow lights are a great alternative. Think of this as the victory garden for the next generation. By using indoor growing lights you can actually extend the growing season of your plants and enjoy their benefits at any season. Imagine opening your closet and picking a salad for dinner any night of the week!

Gourmet cooks are also using small garden set up to grow fresh herbs and spices for their culinary creations. Food grown with LED lights has been found to taste just as good as food grown in the outdoors. In many cases, the indoor farms produce even healthier yields. This is because you’ll be in absolutely control of all the elements that go into feeding your plants. You’ll control the quality of the water, soil and nutrients. As for the light, the grow lights take care of that with just a flip of the switch. You can start growing today!

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Change Up Your Home Décor With Mirrors

Tired of staring at the same four walls? You could change up your home décor with the simple addition of wall mirrors. Beyond giving you an excuse to check out your latest outfit, wall mirrors have long been the go to choice for many experience decorators who have been hired by homeowners to provide a fresh interior. When considering adding mirrors to your walls, you should think about all the possibilities.

One “out of the box” decorating idea would be to incorporate distorted mirrors into your wall scheme. These aren’t the full on “circus” type of wall mirrors but instead they could be round wall mirrors that are only slightly convex. You can also create the effect of a mirror by utilizing sheets of polished steel or other metals. Back in Cleopatra’s day, polished brass was used for mirrors. Using
distorted wall mirrors can create a surreal look that could pass as a form of modern art. Imagine impressing your friends with a mirror!

Another tip offered by designers in the know about the placement of wall mirrors or round wall mirrors is to angle them. If you can place these mirrors in such a way that they angle towards each other then the reflected images end up breaking into numerous fractures. The effect is a kind of mosaic design. This works best if you can angle two mirrors on the corners of a wall. Although you might not notice, this is the same type of decorating tip put to work in many upscale cafes and hotel lobbies.

Then there is the concept of fragmentation with regard to using mirrors to decorate with. With this method you would arrange the mirrors of different shapes next to each other. For instance you could place several different sizes of round wall mirrors in a row along one wall. The reflections in these types of mirror groupings come across as fragmented but not in a jarring way. The various patterns you can achieve will depend on the shape and sizes of wall mirrors your select.

You can create a kind of whimsy with your decorating by mixing round wall mirrors with traditional shapes. This doesn’t mean you need to turn your home into a funhouse of mirrors but using this method of decorating is perfect for a wall in a bathroom or hallway. It’s also a great chance for you to show off your artistic eye.

Mirrors can also be custom cut to fit in the back of shelves. This is a wonderful use of mirrors especially if you have some crystal or glass objects you want to keep on open display. Not only will this brighten up those objects, but it will also brighten up an entire room. Think about placing plants on shelves with mirrors for bonus blooming in the reflections.

Finally, you need not ever be kept in the dark when you add wall mirrors in your home. Hanging a perfectly placed round wall mirror can open up a room and reflect back light from a single source. Let your home shine with wall mirrors all about.

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