Getting Your Dog Used to a New Bed

Summary: If you purchase a bed for your dog it could take some time and effort before your pet is comfortable enough to use it.


Your process for getting a new bed for yourself is probably fairly simple. Once your current bed is no longer in proper working condition you can simply donate it or throw it away to make space for a new one. Once you have purchased a new mattress all that is left to do is put some sheets on it. Unfortunately, it is not that simple for dogs. Simply placing a new dog bed on the floor for your pet to use is not enough to get your dog accustomed to it. Your dog will need some encouragement to help him warm up to the bed before he feels comfortable enough to lay down on it. This process can take some time.


Associate the Bed with Happiness


One you can get your dog to feel more comfortable near the bed is to associate the bed with happy things. If you purchased a small bed from The Foam Factory, your dog may not understand what its purpose is. Place some of your dog’s favorite toys near the bed so he knows that the bed is a safe place to be. If your dog gets near the bed feel free to reward him with treats and praise.


Give the Bed a Familiar Scent


Scent can play a powerful role in how we feel about certain places. A scent you recognize from a happy event could make you more joyous, while a scent that reminds you of a sad time could negatively impact your mood.


If your dog has a favorite blanket lay it on top of the new bed. This will help turn the bed from a couch foam into a familiar place. When your dog approaches the bed and is greeted with scents he knows, he will likely feel calmer and more likely to lay on top of it. Additionally, you can rub your hand on the bed so your dog smells someone he trusts when on the bed.

Why Your Next House Should be a Tiny Home

Summary: Living in a small house may not sound ideal to many but there are plenty of benefits to opting for cozy living quarters.


Many dream of living in a spacious home with many rooms. Having a large house has its advantages, such as having more physical space to move around and more storage space for your belongings. Despite the average family size decreasing, the average house size has steadily increased.


Is more space always better? During the past decade or so there has been a wave of people moving in the opposite direction by seeking out or even creating houses that are intentionally small. “Tiny homes” are, on average, no bigger than 8 feet by 20 feet, with the total livable area averaging around 120 square-feet. The small size of these houses makes them easy to tow and actually prevents owners from needing building permits. There are a wide variety of reasons why you may want to look into getting your own tiny home.


The Ability to Move Around


Tiny homes are unique in that, legally speaking, they are not quite classified the same way standard houses and apartments are. Tiny homes are seen as ambiguous crosses between mobile homes and camper vans, allowing people to move around. Unlike a standard house, a tiny home can be attached to the back of a truck and get towed around on the road, from city to city.


A tiny home can allow you to travel around the country with the familiar comfort of the bed you made out of RV cushions and being able to make dinner in your own little kitchen. These homes are incredibly mobile and can be parked wherever it meets local zoning department codes.




The “tiny home movement” is a rather niche group that is starting to gain traction. From figuring out where you can park your home to figuring out how to set up a functioning plumbing system, there is a community out there filled with people excited to help. The movement represents more than just a preference for cozy homes, but also a mobile and minimalistic lifestyle.


Very Customizable


Since tiny homes are usually built from scratch, this gives tiny home owners the freedom to really customize the house as they see fit. If you want to build a bed that can convert into a dining table, you can head over to The Foam Factory for supplies and design it the way you want.


From the materials used to the layout, tiny homes truly force owners to focus on what is essential to them. The small size really gives you the freedom to customize the house to fit your personality and way of living.

How to improve the overall look of your bedroom?

Sprucing up your bedroom is a good way to increase the quality of your sleep and to provide you with a relaxing space to enjoy the end of a busy day. Here are some tips that will help you improve the overall look of your bedroom.

Overcome the mess – Clearing out clutter is the first thing that should be on your list. Look at getting rid of old furniture, books, and clothes that you haven’t used in over a year. It is easier to keep a space neat if fewer items are visible. Consider cleaning out your closet and including storage baskets to sort your clothing.

Wake up the walls – A fresh new wall color will create an interesting backdrop for your bedroom. Look at colors like soft blues, greens or grays for a modern yet restful feeling

The bed – The focal point of a bedroom is its bed. Look at creating interest by adding a new headboard in a rich fabric like velvet, butter leather or woven tapestry. For a more casual feel, you could look at using reclaimed wood planks from an old barn.

Embrace the small stuff – Look at changing the knobs or handles of your side tables, dresser or cupboard to something that stands out. Consider knobs in chrome, glass or vintage designs that complement your space.

Linen and furnishings – Invest in good quality linen and furnishing to improve the look of your bedroom. A relaxed bedroom may look best in colors like beige, gray, pale yellow or lime while a more mature space will look it’s best in colors like charcoal, maroon, ivory, and chocolate brown.

Loundry Box, Useful and Maximum Utility

This laundry box is not just perfect for homes, but also for hotels, villas, or resorts. Made from fine quality synthetic wicker, this furniture is made to endure for years, promising more usefulness and maximum utility. Apart from its simple shape, this laundry box is endlessly adaptable with every home interior, becoming a part of your living space that you will find very versatile. In addition, the Loundry Box is the most ideal storage for your laundry, at anytime of the day. This synthetic furniture is what to have if you a neat person who loves to see anything organized and tidy.

Important Tips to Get the Best Possible Finish

wood-finishingWhen you’re working on cabinets, chairs, benches or anything else for the home, the best possible finish really makes all the difference. It is the difference between looking professional, and looking like an amateur cobbled it together over a weekend. Even if that’s your reality, these tips will help you overcome some of those amateur speedbumps and excel at the art of finish carpentry.

Practice Makes Perfect

The first tip is to practice frequently. The more you try out different tools, and learn different skills, the better your available skillset and confidence level will be. You’ll go from “how could I possibly do this”, to “how can I make this possible”. That only comes from trying out a broad range of tools and repeating certain actions. Got a lot of scrap wood? Time to learn how to use your saw or your miter box to make precision or angled cuts.

Upside Down Cuts

If you’re cutting across the grain, you’re probably struggling with splintering along the wood. If this is the case, flip over the wood and you’ll see quite different results. Crown molding has to be cut upside down. When you’re working with triangular lumber, nail it into the corner of walls or joints. Practice this frequently so you get a good finish.

Glue and Staining

The final tip has to do with staining, which is where your cabinets really shine their brightest. If you want the best possible stain, it all starts with gluing properly. Avoid excess glue, which is such a simple mistake to make that even pros do it. If you do apply too much glue, wipe the furniture clean but try to avoid doing that too often. You end up using a damp rag, which clogs the pores in the wood. Later, when you’re staining the wood, you end up with uneven colors.

Archbishop James Provence retired from the Church and currently resides in Vacaville. James Provence is an amateur furniture maker, who is also a volunteer docent at the California State Railway Museum.

Key Terms That You Should Know When Replacing Your Couch Foam

There are numerous factors that need to be considered when purchasing new foam.

couch-cushions-with-pillowsSo you’ve at long last chosen to replace your old, exhausted couch cushion filling with some fresh out of the plastic new foam. After each and every cushion is down to the last straw, you’re at last deciding to make the decision to make some changes to “Mr. Dependable” after a lengthy run. Currently, there are a variety of useful terms that you should become familiar with, for example, thickness, ILD, and other comparable estimations, before you purchase some new couch foam. This guide will help you locate the right type of couch foam to meet your standards.


Density is the measure of air that is found in foam and is likewise a key property to consider while picking your new custom foam cushions. Density is normally expressed as weight in pounds per cubic foot. In this way, the higher the thickness, the more solid the foam will be.

Indentation Force Deflection

Indentation Force Deflection alludes to the non-abrasiveness and immovability of the foam. This estimation refers to the number of pounds it will take to pack the foam. Case in point, if a foam piece has an ILD estimation of 40, it will take approximately 40 pounds of weight to indent it. ILD values normally run anywhere between 30 to 70, and have a rating from medium delicacy to firm. Additionally, take note that a few foam pieces are known as high-strength foams, which allude to how rapidly the foam piece will recover its shape after use. Make certain that you experiment with the foam piece before you buy it. You won’t just get an idea if whether or not it works for you, but you’ll also get a feel for the material as well.

If you are in need of new cushions for your couch, visit The Foam Factory for some of the best deals on the web!

Where Can Wicker Furniture Go?

2By Wicker Paradise

If it’s been a while since you’ve bought new furniture, you may not know about all the contemporary options you now have to choose from. While there are all kinds of new designs and even a few new materials, the biggest change in perhaps the last decade or so is actually indoor wicker furniture. These days, most major showrooms all have some indoor wicker furniture sets to keep up with demand.

In the past, of course, wicker was largely meant for the patio and other outdoor areas. However, as more and more people fell in love with wicker, the demand became clear to furniture manufacturers: people wanted to bring theirs indoors where they could keep enjoying it no matter what the weather.

So where can wicker furniture go?

The simply answer is anywhere you like. Some people have even used wicker as their dining room furniture.

However, plenty of others have used wicker furniture for their basements, living room, family room and even their bedrooms.

With so many options to choose from these days, you can take your time finding the best possible version for your home. Once you do that, it will become easy to place it and use the right cushions to get the perfect look.


Everyone loves wicker bedroom furniture, but not everyone wants to pay ridiculous prices to get the most amazing pieces in their home. If this sounds like you, check out the selection and affordable prices at Wicker Paradise.

How to Choose Your Next Wicker Furniture Piece

Written by: Wicker Paradise

One of the biggest trends in 2016 is UV-resilient furniture, and nothing does that better than wicker or rattan. Wicker patio furniture is designed for all of the elements, so it works great all year long. If you’re looking to give your back yard an upgrade without paying an arm and a leg for the privilege, this article can help you from feeling like you’ve over paid.

Identify Quality Materials

There are a lot of manufacturers that make so-called wicker furniture out of cheap materials. Typically, this furniture is made with plastic. If you’re testing the piece for yourself, try and sit on it. You’ll notice the material will stick to your skin. Quality wicker furniture sets are made of polyethylene, which helps to shield them from the sun.

An Easy Trick to Identifying a Good Weave

If you want to know how to spot the best kind of weave for wicker furniture, there is a simple trick. Hand-woven wicker sunroom furniture tends to have even spacing. Machine-woven pieces are made 10 rows at a time so there may be a cut-off point, or some unevenness in the design. Hand woven pieces tend to look uniform in their design. The spacing and materials used are all just right, and you should be able to notice that visually. All rows, for instance, might be perfectly parallel to one another.

Mind the Frame

The frame is one of the most important parts of the piece. A well-constructed aluminum frame offers good back support, while keeping the weight light. You should be able to easily pick up and move your furniture, or require very minimal help in moving larger pieces.

Why Every Home Is Better with Wicker

By Wicker Paradise

Do you have a home that could use a little help looking better? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We all would like to have a home that would be easy to show off to friends and family?

However, this usually means spending more money than we should on things like new cabinets, finishing the basement, adding a pool, etc.

WickerParadise1This is why it’s such a shame that more people don’t know about the impressive performance of wicker bedroom furniture. Everyone knows about wicker, which is probably why so many people take this type of furniture for granted.

The truth is, though, that indoor wicker furniture sets go a long way to creating a better home, time and time again.

It doesn’t matter what kind of home you have, where you live or even your personal style. If you use wicker, you’ll automatically have a better looking house and one you’ll love to show off to everyone.

Best of all, wicker is both affordable and durable. This isn’t the type of investment you’ll need to make again and again. Of course, it also helps that this type of furniture is incredibly functional, fun and, most importantly, very, very comfortable.

So don’t go another day without getting the furniture your home needs to look its best.


Is your home lacking indoor wicker furniture? If so, you’d be smart to invest in some. At Wicker Paradise, you’ll find incredible pieces at affordable prices you’ll love. Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity.

How to Replace Your Couch Cushions

How-to-Replace-Your-Couch-CushionsWritten by: The Foam Factory

Summary: When your couch becomes saggy and old, it’s best to replace it right away.

You’re sitting on your couch and you notice that something doesn’t feel right anymore. The firmness is no longer there and when you put pressure on the seat, you sink down to the point where you feel the frame. You might believe that you need an entire new couch, but that may not be the case.

First, check your frame. Is it still holding up sturdily? If you take out the cushions, is the upholstery still holding up strong? If so, then the only thing that you might need to do is to replace your couch cushions.

Not only will this save money but replacement cushions will bring back that extra comfort that you so desperately missed. Besides, you wouldn’t want your guests nearly fracturing their tailbones on your saggy couch would you?

Couch foam can be purchased through various foam manufacturers specializing in household furniture. The entire replacement process is fairly easy but accurate measurements are a must.

Take your old couch foam and measure it – length by width. Also, measure the thickness of the foam as some cushions might not fit an extremely thick piece of foam. Depending on your comfort preference, you can choose the different types of densities that foam come in.

Once you’ve found the right type of foam, fit it inside your cushion cover. Because it won’t slide in as easily as it was taken out, gently work it in. Make sure you get the corners of the foam into the cushion’s corner. After zipping the cover closed, you’ve got yourself a brand new couch cushion. Now, you and your guests won’t have to worry about any bodily damage occurring from sitting down.