How Fire Safes Work

house-fireFire safes are designed to protect their contents from the actual heat of a fire as well as the less obvious potential of damage from the water which will usually be used to extinguish the fire.

They are constructed of two metal sheets, usually steel, that sandwich an insulating material. This insulating material also contains a hydrate which releases water vapor as it is heated by the fire. This release of steam helps to protect the interior of the safe from heat much the same way that perspiration keeps people cool.

There are strips of material where the door meets the body of the safe that are designed to melt at specific temperatures. This seals heat and water out. As the insulation releases steam, some of the steam is vented to the interior of the safe. Specially designed and strategically placed vents release some of this steam to the outside while maintaining positive pressure in the interior to further protect against heat and water.

Fire safes are rated by the number of hours they maintain an internal temperature below 350 degrees while subjected to an external temperature of 1550 degrees. Many AMSEC safes are rated for two hours.

Some safes are designed to withstand fire and burglary. There are many economical tl 30 safes (they resist attack with hand tools for 30 minutes) that offer one hour of fire protection. Used safes are another economical option.

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The Three Types of Safes and Their Uses

If you’re thinking about investing in a safe to protect your valuables but don’t feel confident in your ability to discern what type is best for you and your belongings, worry not! Though it can often seem like there are dozens of different types of safes, each designed and used for something incredibly specific, every safe can actually be put into one of three simple categories.

A jewelry safe, as the name implies, is designed specifically for personal use when protecting your precious necklaces, bracelets, earrings, tie clips and cufflinks from fire or theft. Available in a variety of sizes and security features, these safes included integrated drawers designed for sorting and protecting your valuable jewelry.

A burglary safe is similar in that it is designed for private use and available in a range of sizes, except it does not include drawers and is more commonly used for storing money and other valuables. Some of these types of safes can be embedded or bolted into a wall, the floor or simply placed under a desk. They are most commonly secured by a combination dial or electronic lock, and resist fire and blunt force trauma.

On the other end of the spectrum are high security safes. Designed for commercial use in businesses with high security requirements such as a jewelry stores, pawn shops, banks or corporate retail chains, they tend to be larger, more heavily protected from drilling and have added locking mechanisms that activate when someone tries to break in.

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