4 Small Changes to Cut Utility Costs

When there are changes in weather, be it summer or winter, there are going to be utility costs that are due sooner or later.

However, you don’t have to make big changes but small ones instead. Here are 4 small changes that will help you cut costs over a period of time:

#1: Close up leaks

When you inspect your home closely for any leaks that might happen, you’ll be surprised to see how many of them are around. Some of these places include foundation cracks, window frames and attic spaces.

#2: Watch your thermostat

Setting your thermostat at a particular temperature isn’t enough. You have to be sure that it is adjusted according to whether your home is occupied or not or even based on the temperature of the day. There’s no point turning it up when no one’s at home or even during the day when it’s warmer.

#3: Don’t push your HVAC unit to its limits

Some people raise the temperature of their HVAC unit when they’re on vacation while turning down the temperature when they return. This practice overtakes your HVAC unit causing it to freeze up. For this, ensure you increase or decrease the temperate only a few degrees up or down every hour. Also, if you’re one to open the windows at night, make sure the unit is turned completely off.

#4: Check your AC unit on the outside

Don’t forget about the AC unit on the outside. Better still, ensure that it is in the shade or has shrubs around it for greater efficiency. Ensure that nothing touches the AC unit as it will affect how the unit works as a whole.

Getting Inside the Head of the Buyer

If you’re trying to sell your home fast, it helps to get into the head of your potential buyer. You can make meaningful improvements when you begin to see your home as they see it. With these tips, you’ll have your home looking very appealing to potential buyers who choose to take a look inside.

What Buyers Want to See

Typically, buyers like things to look move in ready. In order for you to get a serious offer, expect to repaint your home and make some small improvements to modernize the space. New fixtures, for instance, would require about a week of work and cost you less than redoing your entire kitchen. As your fixing your property, try to be aware of affordable improvements you can make that buyers might notice. Faucets and sinks are a big one, but a DIY backsplash is equally appealing if done in the right colors.

How to Show a Home

When it comes time to show the home, be sure that you’ve staged the space and made it look wide open. Buyers want to feel like they can store anything in the space, so your furniture may get rearranged while you show the home. Hire a cleaning service if you have to, in order to get rid of clutter and revitalize the space. Windows, mirrors and any other slick surfaces should be polished and shiny. Don’t forget to dust either.


Selling a home quickly is almost as important as getting the price you’re asking for. It costs you money and time to stay at the old property, and that’s one hurdle you don’t need when you’re ready to move on.


Source: Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO of lifestyle brand Realty ONE Group, based out of Irvine, California. Kuba Jewgieniew and Realty ONE Group turned over $100 million plus in sales during the first year of business. The company is considered one of the top brokerages in the United States today.

Maintain Your HVAC System Yourself

If you’re looking for ways to save money on home maintenance, start with your HVAC system. Inspect the filters every three months and replace each soiled filter with a fresh 3m filter. Of course, if filters are dirty or clogged during the monthly inspection, don’t wait: replace the filters right away. The HVAC system is designed to deliver optimum air quality with proper filter upkeep.


The filtration system should be regularly and thoroughly disinfected and cleaned throughout the year. Make sure that the system is turned off before cleaning, and begin remove the panel with a screwdriver to get started. The coils (both indoor evaporators and outdoor condensers) should be disinfected because they are constantly damp and offer ideal conditions for mold growth. An inexpensive half-and-half bleach/water solution is first used to kill mold that may be present on evaporator coils. Don’t expose yourself to mold, though: use a mask and gloves to protect the skin and lungs from mold spores and bleach fumes.


Next, clean the inside and outside coils. The indoor coils are often caked with debris, such as indoor dust and particles. Similarly, the outdoor coils may have dirt, leafs, or other matter from the outdoor environment on them. Apply an acid cleaner scrub (and always wear gloves for this step). If your Filtrete filter is not a temporary variety, wash it down and let it dry before replacing it.

Standing water may be a problem with your HVAC system so make sure to check the air intake ventilation system couple of months. Vents on or close to the roof can be especially problematic. Start with a manual mop-up of the water with soft cloth because standing water attracts mold growth. While the appearance of water in the HVAC system is to be expected, standing water should not collect on a constant basis. If your system collects standing water every month or every other month, the HVAC system may need professional inspection and repair. You will want to call a licensed technician as soon as possible to prevent the need for larger, more expensive repairs later.

Air Flow

Check the HVAC system fans at least twice a year to improve air quality and operating efficiency. As always, shut off the power before inspecting the fan to prevent injuries. Use a slightly damp cloth to remove dust and caked dirt.

Professional Maintenance

To insure the best function of your system, engage a HVAC technical repair professional to fully inspect and sanitize every two years. You’ll save money by performing regular maintenance beforehand!

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Remodeling tips for the living room

Written by Foam Factory Inc.

The living room is one of the rooms of the house where your family and you tend to spend the most time. Your living room would possibly be the host of your TV set and have some furniture such as a couch, a coffee table and accessorized with a carpet. Depending on your budget, certain small changes can help you give a new look and feel to your living room.

Sometimes you can just get a different paint job and some brand new cushions and change the color and design of their covers to add a little pop of color to your living room. The change would be more visible if your cushions were starting to get slouched. Getting brand new bouncy foam cushions would definitely bring a change and make your furniture look for comfortable and inviting.

You can opt to carry out your sofa foam replacement project yourself. This can be a fun and gratifying task as you will get to choose the color and design of the materials used. Some foam manufacturing companies offer custom-cut foam services. You only have to measure down the dimensions of your couch and have them cut the foam to fit your project.

The Foam Factory is a company specializing in foam products and they offer solutions to foam replacement projects with custom-cut foams. Their staff are ever ready to help you in choosing the right foam for your project.