Make the Right First Impression with Your Front Door

By ETO Doors

When it comes to first impressions, you’ve probably heard the old expression. As such, you most likely strive to make the best one possible on people. That being said, you may have also thought about what kind of impression your house makes on people as well. After all, it’s definitely a reflection on its occupants.

ETODoor6Front doors for homes are one of the most underrated ways to make sure people have a high opinion of the entire house. Usually, the door is actually fairly forgettable. From the street, it’s hardly even distinguishable. People are far more likely to remember the color of paint that was used or something similar.

That’s really too bad, though, especially when you consider all your options these days. You can choose from prehung exterior doors that are red, blue or even green. Each of these options will grab the attention of anyone passing by, that’s for sure.

Of course, there’s always the actual shape of the door. Have you ever considered French doors before? They’ll go a long way toward adding a touch of class to the rest of your house, even if you didn’t change anything else.

Whatever the case, make sure you take the opportunity to create a solid impression for your home with the right door.


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What You Need to Know About Installing An Orangery

When you own a home, there’s a desire to opt for architecture that not only makes it comfortable to live in but also gives it that luxurious feel.

Of course, you want visitors to feel awed about how you’ve done your home while being the envy of your neighbors too. Apart from this, you’d want your home to be a place to relax as well.

This is where the concept of orangeries comes in. But first, you might what an orangery is.


Popular in the 17th to the 19th century, this setup resembles that of a greenhouse conservatory where they used to grow exotic plants and fruits. Citrus trees and pineapples were usually common in these orangeries.

Of course, they were symbolic of being wealthy back then but became a common style over time.

Now, an orangery is a room with a lantern-like structure on the roof which makes allowances for any number of windows and doors. It can serve as a dining or living room or even a kitchen too.

Some of the obvious benefits that come with installing an orangery are many. For starters, you’ll find the transparent ceiling handy if you like stargazing on a cold winter’s night from the warmth of your home.

This can work as an excellent place to work since it     houses a number of plants. While it facilitates creative work, you can keep away from the disturbances that might arise in other parts of your house. It is a lovely place to spend time with your children too.

Also, it is a wonderful area to host a party. All you need is good food and friends and this can turn out to be a lot of fun.

Finally, when you install such a room, it can increase the value of your property too. Without a doubt, consider it to be a long-term investment that will pay back dividends.

Choosing the Right Closet Light for your Closet

When you are choosing the proper lighting for your closet, you have to consider the safety of not only your clothes but of your house. Many closets owners install incandescent bulbs as their light source. These can heat up pretty quickly and can pose as a fire threat. But, there is a solution to this.



With companies producing modern LED light fixtures, your closet is not only safe but adequately lit. With so many choices to choose from, and at inexpensive prices, you’ll not only benefit from their safety but also their ability to save you money on your electricity bills.

Automatic LED Lights

Do you tend to forget turning off your closet light when you are in a rush? Now, you don’t have to hire an electrician to tap into your existing circuit to install a fluorescent fixture that runs outside your closet. Automatic LED lights conveniently turn off after moving a certain distance away from the sensor saving time and money with this installation. Not only that but they sufficiently fill a room with enough light to find all of your clothes.

Battery Power

For small closets, there is always the option of using an LED battery-operated light fixture. Many of them automatically turn off after a period of time in case you forget to. There are some models that can even stick on surfaces such as your closet shelf organizer. This is perfect for a compact space because you can purchase several of these and place them all around your closet, giving you proper lighting to find things – perfect for those dark corners. These are inexpensive options that you can find at your local hardware store.


If you have any walk in closet organizers in your closet, you can set up your LED lights to highlight your clothes. Your closet is your pallet, be creative with it. You can keep it looking dim to spotlight your best clothes, or you can brighten up the entire organizer by placing them in conjunction to each other. Their flexibility is why they are valued by closet owners.

Summing It All Up

If you’re looking for a closet lighting solution, consider purchasing an LED light. Throw away your old incandescent bulbs and convert to a more energy-efficient and cost-saving alternative. These easy-to-install light sources can be found in your local hardware store. Don’t forget they look great when placed around your closet, providing illumination with style.
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