How to Choose Your Next Wicker Furniture Piece

Written by: Wicker Paradise

One of the biggest trends in 2016 is UV-resilient furniture, and nothing does that better than wicker or rattan. Wicker patio furniture is designed for all of the elements, so it works great all year long. If you’re looking to give your back yard an upgrade without paying an arm and a leg for the privilege, this article can help you from feeling like you’ve over paid.

Identify Quality Materials

There are a lot of manufacturers that make so-called wicker furniture out of cheap materials. Typically, this furniture is made with plastic. If you’re testing the piece for yourself, try and sit on it. You’ll notice the material will stick to your skin. Quality wicker furniture sets are made of polyethylene, which helps to shield them from the sun.

An Easy Trick to Identifying a Good Weave

If you want to know how to spot the best kind of weave for wicker furniture, there is a simple trick. Hand-woven wicker sunroom furniture tends to have even spacing. Machine-woven pieces are made 10 rows at a time so there may be a cut-off point, or some unevenness in the design. Hand woven pieces tend to look uniform in their design. The spacing and materials used are all just right, and you should be able to notice that visually. All rows, for instance, might be perfectly parallel to one another.

Mind the Frame

The frame is one of the most important parts of the piece. A well-constructed aluminum frame offers good back support, while keeping the weight light. You should be able to easily pick up and move your furniture, or require very minimal help in moving larger pieces.

The Effectiveness of Turnaround Specialists

The-Effectiveness-of-Turnaround-SpecialistsWhen small businesses or companies face extreme challenges that are all pointing to bankruptcy, they hire a turnaround specialist to help them gain enough ground to net positive returns. This is the same for construction & turnaround services. Management teams on a construction site have to deal with the laborious task of handling contractual obligations, keeping all of the workers in line, and juggling finances all at the same time. If one aspect of the construction project doesn’t function in line with the rest of the project, the risk of a clam being brought up increases significantly.

Tying Up Loose Ends

A turnaround specialist is known to take a look at the bigger picture when it comes to a construction site. If a project is going to be completed on time, the current management team needs to be qualified and able to perform their duties accurately and efficiently. If someone on the team isn’t contributing or is just simply not effective at performing his duty, the turnaround specialist will suggest a replacement in favor of someone that will take bigger strides.


If a claim arises between the owner and contractor, it can turn into an all-out legal battle that can consume finances quickly. A structural steel expert or a steel fabrication expert is often hired to verify facts based on their knowledge of the field. The specialist will usually refer you to whomever he believes is best suited for the situation.

Also, there is the voluntary process of construction mediation where both parties will avoid the court and utilize the negotiating tactics of a mediator to come to a quick and painless conclusion to the claim.

Bio: In addition to serving as a construction consultant and expert witness, Lyle Charles is a trained arbitrator/mediator who has participated in many successful million-dollar dispute resolutions during his long tenure in the industry.


Make Regular Garage Maintenance a Priority

By Superior Garage Doors

If you have a home, you probably have a garage. Whether it’s attached or not, it serves a very specific and very important purpose. If that garage were to disappear all of a sudden, you’d definitely know about it and you wouldn’t be too happy.


However, if you’re being honest, you probably don’t think too much about that garage of yours. When it comes to ongoing maintenance, you probably focus much more on your plumbing, your kitchen, the car and so on.

However, garage door service in Atlanta, GA should really be a bigger priority. It doesn’t have to take up the majority of your budget or even very much of it. But you should be looking to invest in its regular upkeep.

Of course, most of us wouldn’t know the first thing about garage door repair in Atlanta. The same goes for maintenance. That’s why you need to look into someone who can maintain your garage—including that all-important door—at least once a year.

Like anything, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. If you don’t invest in the health of your garage, you have to expect that something will eventually go wrong. It’s as simple as that. And then, as we mentioned at the beginning, you have to be prepared when it basically disappears.


If you’re in the market for garage door installation in Atlanta, then you definitely want to know about Superior Garage Doors. As the name suggests, this company specializes in doing garage installation and repairs the right way.

How to Replace Your Entry Door

How-to-Replace-Your-Entry-DoorMaintaining the look of your entry doors is an important thing to keep up with, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for security and usage purposes. Because you’re using these doors every day, you might notice that they’ll slowly develop small cracks, which then grow larger until they begin warping your wood.

Pre-hung doors are an ideal option if you’re looking to replace your doors without hiring a contractor to do it for you. They’re also basic enough for the average homeowner to put up without too much difficulty. If your frame fits two front doors, there are also pre-hung exterior double doors that can be customized to your liking.

To install a pre-hung door, you’re going to need to first remove the door that’s going to be replaced. Once that has been completed, carefully remove the molding and pry away the door jamb.

Now that you have a bare opening, calculate the dimensions. Measure the width between the jambs on the side followed by the head jamb to the seal as well as the thickness of the wall. It’s imperative that you measure each part carefully.

Next, you’re going to need to determine whether or not additional framing is needed – for example pressure-treated lumber to complete the frame.

Finally you’ll be able to fit your door into its place followed by a thick layer of caulk around openings. Secure the door with cement screws at the shims. Then, test the operation of the door to see if it is blocked by any excess materials.

After safely securing the door and testing it out multiple times, wait for the caulk to dry and check for any straggling pieces of wood. The only thing left that you’ll need to take care of is cleaning the door and the frame. Your door is now ready to fully function as the newest addition to your household.

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