How to Handle a Dispute Over Construction Materials

construction-bricksWhen there is a dispute in construction, work can stop altogether while both parties attempt to hash out the problem and recoup losses. First, construction consulting services should determine whether a claim is worth pursuing, then measures should be taken to expedite the claim and seek resolution.

Whatever the case, avoid trial at all costs! Trial is an expensive endeavor, and you’ll quickly find your bills adding up just to try and recoup your losses. You may have to hire a construction expert witness, pay court fees or find yourself subject to a ruling that goes against your interests. With this advice, you’ll be ready to handle any construction dispute as quickly as possible.

Determine if the Claim is Worth Pursuing

A construction claim analysis will show whether the claim is worth pursuing, and the answer is pretty simple. If you stand to lose significant sums of money fighting a claim, either through work stoppage or attorney’s fees, it’s not worth the cost of pursuing the claim. It’s ideal to recoup all losses, which is why documentation is crucial to successful claim resolution.

Failing to provide proper documentation might lead to mediation, where both parties attempt to sort out what happened and come to a conclusion benefitting everyone.

The end goal is to avoid trial, which usually leads to longer work stoppages as both sides settle their dispute. Work can rarely continue without some kind of resolution, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to settle disputes as quickly as possible.

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How Fire Safes Work

house-fireFire safes are designed to protect their contents from the actual heat of a fire as well as the less obvious potential of damage from the water which will usually be used to extinguish the fire.

They are constructed of two metal sheets, usually steel, that sandwich an insulating material. This insulating material also contains a hydrate which releases water vapor as it is heated by the fire. This release of steam helps to protect the interior of the safe from heat much the same way that perspiration keeps people cool.

There are strips of material where the door meets the body of the safe that are designed to melt at specific temperatures. This seals heat and water out. As the insulation releases steam, some of the steam is vented to the interior of the safe. Specially designed and strategically placed vents release some of this steam to the outside while maintaining positive pressure in the interior to further protect against heat and water.

Fire safes are rated by the number of hours they maintain an internal temperature below 350 degrees while subjected to an external temperature of 1550 degrees. Many AMSEC safes are rated for two hours.

Some safes are designed to withstand fire and burglary. There are many economical tl 30 safes (they resist attack with hand tools for 30 minutes) that offer one hour of fire protection. Used safes are another economical option.

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Causes of Short Term Vacancies in Construction

short-term-vacanciesShort term vacancies can cause a serious problem for any construction project, and it’s important to come up with a contingency plan on how to deal with these types of unplanned events. Construction is very much a business where time is money, so be prepared to hire construction & turnaround services as needed to fill in some of these gaps. As you’ll soon learn, accidents and departures can be triggered at a moment’s notice.


By far, injury is the most common cause for a dispute and ultimately a work stoppage due to short term vacancies. Injuries can happen to anyone, it’s a myth that only the ground crews are prone to problems. A project manager could be surveying the site when an injury occurs, leaving an important vacancy in upper management that could be filled by a construction consultant.


Whether it’s the scope of work, changes to the project or delays in supplies, disputes can cause serious problems on site. It’s important to fulfill any construction claims management as soon as possible so work can continue. In some cases, it may even be more financially wise to accept an event as a loss and move forward. Every situation is different, but underestimating disputes quickly leads to lost money for all parties involved on a project.

Final Thoughts

Short term vacancies are not easy to anticipate, but they are easy to fix. Make sure you have crews on standby, and consult with more experienced consultants to help fill in the gaps. Sometimes, creating a better safety policy is all that’s needed. Evaluate your operation and look for gaps where these short term vacancies might create major problems.

Lyle Charles is a construction consultant with more than 40 years of experience in commercial construction, and a specialty in communicating with business decision makers.